Blackjack strategy

Are you ready to become a blackjack pro? Mastering this simple yet intricate game requires some time and effort. And that’s exactly what you need our blackjack strategy guide for. Imagine what can happen if you start using our blackjack cheat sheet at your next games.

With an advanced blackjack strategy on your side the odds may turn in your favour more often.

Whether you need a single deck blackjack strategy or you’re playing multi deck blackjack, keep reading. Our first tip to you: use the basic strategy chart every time. All you need to improve your plays is set out below.

Blackjack Strategy: How to Beat Blackjack

We created a basic blackjack hand chart so you’ll know the perfect strategy for each hand you get:

  • The left represents your hand’s value
  • On top you see the house’s up card
  • Cross reference them
  • Read off the ideal play

This approach will work in 2 deck blackjack and is even an 8 deck blackjack strategy. You’ll know when to hit and when not to hit. It always works except when you do card counting. This is one of the strategies for black jack you can always trust as it’s founded on mathematics while still taking odds into account.

Strategies for Blackjack No Matter the Deck Variation

Blackjack started out as a single deck game but it eventually developed into multi deck blackjack. Today you’ll need up to an 8 deck strategy. This is all because of card counting strategies as casinos tried to prevent players cheating the odds. With more decks winning based on card counting becomes more complicated.

The good news is that you can use similar strategies for black jack no matter the number of decks there are. For a 6 or 4 deck blackjack strategy, some players make slight adjustments in their tactics, but you can safely use the same hit stay chart for all your plays. The odds are very similar.

Switch it Up: The Blackjack Switch

With so many versions evolving, some scenarios do call for a more advanced strategy. One example is when you play blackjack switch. Because you can use one hand’s card in another hand, the odds change. That means you need a different odds chart. The blackjack hand chart you’ll use is shown below.

Switch it Up: The Blackjack Switch

How to Count Cards in Blackjack: Do it Like a Pro

The blackjack card counting strategy is famous and for good reason. But what is card counting in blackjack exactly? First up, know that it works as it gives a player an advantage over the house. To know how to count blackjack cards simple math is required.

Here’s how the card counting strategy works: count how many high and low cards already left the deck. Now you know if there’s a bigger chance of receiving picture cards or aces. Make it easy on yourself:

  • Note when a picture or ace card is placed on the table
  • Count ‘-1’ in your head
  • For number cards up to 6, count ‘+1’
  • For cards between 7 and 9, add zero

Now, to help you make the right decision based on the result of your counting, card counting strategy charts can be found online.

Of course you sometimes need to compensate for multiple decks. Simply divide the number in your head by the number of decks. Easy, right?


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