Blackjack rules

Don’t get left behind. It’s a worthwhile thrill to pursue the game of blackjack. But to make the most of it you need to know how to play casino blackjack like the pros. That’s where our blackjack guide comes in: learn what you need to know so you’ll win more.

Do you need to learn how to play black jack at home or is it online casino playing you’re after? Our guide will turn you into a successful, strategic player no matter where you play. Learning how to play blackjack is all about knowing which decision to make when. We’ll show you how.

We cover rules and strategies so you’ll know when to:

  • Stand
  • Hit
  • Double
  • Split
  • Increase a bet
  • Decrease a bet

The good news: we teach you how to play it simple instead of making it too complicated to enjoy. Learn the terms, rules and strategies & start winning.

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Blackjack Rules: Know the Basics to Win Big

You can join any blackjack game across the globe and the blackjack betting rules will be more or less the same. With casinos all following similar, simple rules anyone can enjoy the casino game after a short learning period.

Standard blackjack rules are widely accepted so if you know these guidelines you can start playing:

  • You’ll receive two dealt cards
  • They will be placed face up
  • You must decide if you want to hit, split, double or stand
  • Based on your requests the dealer will deal extra cards
  • Dealer rules determine how many cards get added to the dealer’s hand
  • All hands are compared to determine the winner

The rules of blackjack mean you’ll need to make specific decisions during each play. The outcome is determined by a mix of skill and luck, unlike many other games based purely on chance. Understanding casino blackjack rules and the implications of each play and decision will help you affect the outcome:

  • You can stand if you’re happy with your hand.
  • Request another card (a hit) if you want your hand’s value to be higher
  • If you were dealt a pair you can split that hand and then get more cards for each of those hands
  • Doubling your entire bet will force you to stand after receiving the next card
  • You can surrender a hand but you’ll lose 50% of your bet; this only applies in certain game forms though
  • Take insurance equal to 50% of your original bet if the dealer has an ace; when the dealer gets 21 you’ll receive that insurance amount

To add up your hand, count each number card at its face value while picture cards will add 10 points. An ace is worth 1 or 11. And what does hard and soft mean in blackjack? A hard hand is one without an ace while a soft hand is the opposite.

Now that you know the rules of blackjack it’s time to talk strategy.

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How to Win at Blackjack: Let’s Get Smart

Of course blackjack is a game of chance. So is it possible to consistently win at blackjack? The good news is that while luck will play a role you can influence the edge the casino dealer often has. We’ll share some blackjack tips to win your next play.

To find the best way to win at blackjack you’ll have to put in some effort. Basic blackjack tips often include counting. This is what will give you an edge over the house. Even if you’re wondering how to win at video blackjack, counting is a smart approach.